Step By Step Set Up Business Online – Internet Marketing Strategy

Step By Step Set Up Business Online - Internet Marketing Strategy


  1. Create e-book, create e-book cover
  2. Create opt -in, put on website. Add link download e-book to welcome email
  3. Making preview of your e-book and upload it to slideshare, scribd, etc
  4. Create video promotion, upload to youtube and all video website
  5. Create ezine article, submit. Create article on hubpages and squidoo.
  6. Create new article, spin, submit to AMA
  7. Submit to search engine, google webmaster tools, popular social bookmark
  8. Create twitter and facebook fans page
  9. Create dummy twitter account
  10. Create twitter bot
  11. add product image to pinterest
  12. Scraping email from the internet
  13. Send email to promote products
  14. Buy wordpress theme – woothemes – add extensions
  15. Create post contain contest / giveaway.
  16. Create unique content on every post, max with On Page SEO


  1. Promotion with Google Adwords and other PPC program
  2. List products on famous marketplace like ebay, ioffer, bonanza,, artfire, etsy, etc

Sejauh ini itu saja yang saya tau… tolong ditambahi dong, terutama cara untuk meningkatkan traffic.

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