Payroll Service UK Online Software for Small Business Owner

This article is my experience moving to form manual payroll calculation and start using payroll service UK for my small business.

I will be very busy at the end of the month. As a small business owner, I have to be professionally responsible for managing finances. I used to be very dismissive in recording expenses for employee salaries.  As time goes by, this manual process makes me busy, stress, and not productive. As a result, my company will not develop because it is not professional.

Manual Payroll Calculation

I still use manual payroll calculations for my small business until 2014. I need to know information such as medicare cuts, tax laws, and more. And you know what, I do it myself. Then in 2015, I try to hire a part-time accountant to handle this. Every time my part-time accounting stops working, I need to find a replacement.

Then I realize, I need payroll software systems. It should be an online service, so I can access it anywhere. Payroll Service UK that helps me manage the appraisal and supervision of my entire human workforce in the business.

Payroll service UK software is more expensive than doing payroll yourself but significantly less expensive than hiring an accountant (or hiring a full-time accountant). Payroll service software can process employee data and employee salary data. It seems that payroll is easy and simple, but it’s not. We have to calculate employee taxes, insurance, etc.

Before I explain further, do you know the difference between wages and salaries?

Wage is usually paid on employees by calculated per working hour. This means employees must be present on time and work to get them paid for the day. Employees who get a wage often lose their salary or cut it home too early, come late, skip work on weekdays without the employer’s permission.

UK Payroll Services

Salary refers to how much money a salary earns by employees each year. Payroll employees rarely spend hours to determine their salary, or even calculate salaries based on the number of hours worked, because they are paid for their skills rather than working hours. Salary employees usually get a paycheck on sick or vacation and do not lose their salary every time they come home too soon or come late. Wages only are given in the form of money (fresh money). Salaries can also mean something given to employees, not just in the form of money. I personally consider improving employee welfare with insurance as part of the salary.

Payroll Service UK

In my opinion, a good payroll software systems should be flexible with the needs of our business environment. I could download free payroll software online on the internet.  But it will be difficult for us to get help solving the problem if the system/software is already implemented. That’s why we better buy an online payroll system that can be customized with our company’s needs in the future.

All payroll software basically has the same function such as calculate gross pay for employees. It also can calculate take-home pay and handle tax by submitting the required paperwork to the tax authorities. Payroll software must keep track of employee hours and can deal with overtime. But a good payroll system should meet several criteria:

  • The company has good after-sales service.
  • It must be modest and simple to use even with no basic IT can manage and understand the software.

Payroll Service Online

Intuit Online Payroll vs Paychex

Intuit Online

Choose the payroll service that suitable for you. Start from USD $67/month.

Intuit Online Payroll

Paychex does not offer specific pricing packages. Instead, the company offers custom pricing packages for all clients. Contact a Paychex sales rep for more information.

5 Things to do when you moving from manual payroll calculation to payroll software

  1. complete your company settings in your new software.
  2. Save your employee data and migrating it to a new application. Save the spreadsheet in a CSV format because you can only upload as CSV files.
  3. Import employee data to the new payroll system
  4. Complete the missing column if necessary by fill in it such as personal and tax details, set banking details, etc
  5. Do a software test before use. Make sure the result is the same as your manual calculation.

I really give thanks to Payroll Service UK. They can customize the system to match your requirements including hour’s tracker, salary calculation, tax deductions & withholding, pay government taxes, and print and deliver paychecks. The payroll software systems online also designed to organize and file employee payment & taxes hence providing me with flexible payroll solutions.

Are you looking for information on payroll service online or payroll service UK? There may be one ad on this page that can help you. You can visit their site. Good luck and have a nice day.

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