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Bonanza Is SCAM! Bonanza use robot ‘otto’ to suspend your account

I have submitting ticket to Bonanza, posting wall post via Facebook, mention @bonanzamarket and @bonanzasupport and send Bonanza Mark via bonanza message but STILL NO HAVE RESPOND!

All I want from Bonanza are..

Refund my money that they charge to my credit card for $5.90

Restore my bonanza account (I think they can’t, because they were ashamed and afraid of me because I am a seller who complained the loudest, they fear their reputations tainted)

DELETE MY PERSONAL INFORMATION THAT BONANZA HAVE! They got all seller credit card number, it’s very dangerous how they use the data since their website got hacked by bonanza robot ‘otto’ bonanza Auto-Mailer.

As I said before, I wrote about Bonanza – The Online Marketplace is a scam! I will tell you how cunning they using a robot to suspend member account and then not be liable, by reason of the member is to blame.

So, after research and reading seller satisfaction review, I do not recommend you to buy and sell on If you want to buy item and sell items from or to Bonanza (, think twice! Or maybe hundred times.

Bonanza never be same like eBay, iOffer, etsy and other marketplace online. Don’t dream bonanza if you want to be largest and best marketplace in this world! as long as you do not improve the performance of your team especially more seller and customer support that you have.

Bonanza – This marketplace doesn’t have protection to the seller, even you give shipping detail to buyer, they still protect the fraud buyer who want get item for free without pay. Modus is claim that item didn’t arrive, or they never receive the item. And then they contact bonanza team, bonanza team support (Angelica, Judy, Tom, Mark) will push you to refund buyer money, and bonanza don’t want listen your explanation!

After I refund buyer money, they suspend my account. They also charge my credit card for large amount.

As I wrote on my hubpages, I have 3 accounts on bonanza, 2 seller and 1 buyer. They suspend all my accounts.

This marketplace is shit, usually for seller. They don’t protect the seller, even you give shipping detail to buyer, they still protect the buyer.

Let me share important information for you..

I have register 3 account on Bonanza, 2 account as seller and 1 account as buyer.

1 account as seller is suspended because there is bot/robot bonanza that make an offer to your item that you sell and then cancel it. It happend more than 10 times, so you get 10 emails. Bonanza claim that your account is againts terms and condition. It’s very clear that it is robot.

1 account as buyer, they close it without confirmation and information before. When you try to login, it appear error. You forgot your password, they resend it but when you try to log in again, error happen, again!

My last account as seller, I put real credit card on that. A Buyer claim that item not yet received, NOT YET, not never received! But he is not patient and wants to get refund. I said, it is responsibility, please call them to confirm why the package not yet arrive. But bonanza team (Angelica, Judy, Tom, Mark) didn’t want to know. They protect seller, and deny my win win solution that I gave to him. They push me to refund the buyer money, immediately or they will suspend my account. Before that, they did remive all items that I sell on my bonanza (my booth).

After I refund buyer money, they suspend my account. They also charge my credit card for large amount. It should charge only $3, buy they charge more than it and they didn’t refund my money. What the hell!!

After that I submit ticket to restore my account, restore all item that they delete, but what I got? They suspend my account.

And the funny case is happend today,

Many bonanza bot/robot make an offer to item that I sell, but they cancel it. Bonanza claim that your account is againts terms and condition. I tell them that it’s very clear that it is robot. As they know.. all items in my booth is zero, no one item that I can sell because bonanza delete it all, but why someone can make an offer and cancel it? I got more 10 email than show bonanza bot user made an offer and cancel it. It’s impossible, since I have no item to sell.

Here is email from bonanza robot which is scam and bug of their website.

Bonanza Scam Website

And to cut conversation with someone who submit ticket to bonanza, they robot Judy will write

Our system recently notified us that a security issue is associated with your account(s).

We apologize that we are unable to provide further details in this matter or our actions. In our efforts to keep Bonanza the safest possible marketplace for our buyers and sellers to use, it is our mandate to be proactive in suspending accounts that have been associated in any way with site misconduct or possible security concerns, In matters like this, we choose to err on the side of caution due to our concerns for user safety.

It is our policy not to notify other users of our suspensions when possible. We strive to keep this matter as private as possible to preserve your reputation on Bonanza.

If you have any further questions, please see our terms of service, which provide complete details about our user policies, including our right to suspend an account at any time.

If you are interested in moving to another marketplace, we recommend or, both of which have strong monthly traffic and a good base of buyers and sellers. is a good site for those who wish to deal in the auction format.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Kind regards
Bonanza support

Becareful for you who want buy or sell on Bonanza.

Also read Bonanza complain on Complaints & Reviews – Harrassment of site critics

Jeanneblues from Fancy Gap, Virginia, United States wrote that better have own online store than sell on Bonanza.

I was only a seller for about 2 years, very lightweight, as I have another main website and business that I have run for 20 years. The very first time I have a customer dispute, which was essentially a “Buyer’s Remorse” issue, they intervened, took the customer’s side completely without ever hearing all the facts, and just pulled the plug on my shop with the statement “when you resolve this with the customer – we will get you going again” – so how does shutting my shop help this situation exactly? I was working on a settlement with the customer, which by all rights, I didn’t really have to do. She special ordered an item, I bought and paid for it, then she cancelled right before I was ready to ship – total time less than 3 weeks from the date of the order. So I have to sit on the item, but still promised to refund her. It took longer than I had hoped. She went to Bonanzle, and they just shut me down. Little Hitlers is about the best description I’ve seen up there. Absolutely no respect for a seller that had been with them PROBLEM FREE for over 2 years. NOT A SELLER ADVOCATE. Do not put a lot of time into a Bonanza store, because they have no qualms at all about just pulling the rug right out from under your feet unless you kneel before them and submit to their will. You can have your own website, for next to nothing cost wise, and nobody there to pull your plug without a trial. Contact me and I’ll tell you how. I’ve been doing this for 20 years! Sellers rule!!

From my experience, Bonanza will easyly suspend seller account. After you purchase item and unfortunately the account of seller (which is someone who sell item to you) is closed, your purchase will never processed, you will lose your money!


  • Your credit card will charge more than it should, after that your account is suspended by Bonanza, you will not get refund from bonanza!
  • After suspension, your data information especially credit card is on bonanza database, they can use it for crime!
  • Bonanza never protect the seller, after you ship item to customer/buyer, buyer will claim that item not received, bonanza will push you to refund, after that they remove all item that you have sell and close you account. You will lose your money, your items. Buyer will get item for free! What the fuck!

My big question is to Scam?

Is this way by bonanza using bot/robot to suspend bonanza user account without explanation?

Bonanza has lots of bug that’s why bonanza “Otto” the Bonanza Auto-Mailer can hack the member account. Why bonanza don’t fix it as soon as possible? or whether it was intentional?

What the support ticket system for if they only have template to cut conversation like that? Not answering the question!?!

What kind of non professional marketplace that give suggestion to sell item to another seller?

Informasi Tentang Lasik Untuk Mata Minus

lasik untuk mana minus

Oh, ya hari ini saya mau berbagi informasi tentang Lasik Untuk Mata Minus. Kebetulan kemarin habis tanya-tanya ke KMN atau Klinik Mata Nusantara. Berikut info yang didapat.

Tindakan iLASIK adalah Pengkoreksian mata Minus ataupun Silinder dapat dilakukan dengan iLASIK yang menggunakan teknologi terkini dari iFS Advanced Femtosecond Laser dengan Garansi seumur hidup sesuai dengan ketentuan di sertifikat yang nantinya akan diberikan.

Kelainan Minus yang dapat dikoreksi mulai dari Minus 1 hingga Minus 12 dan Silinder 1 hingga 6.


Travel Bandung Cirebon

Walaupun liburan sekolah telah usai, tetapi permintaan akan travel bandung cirebon tetap stabil dan cenderung meningkat, terlebih lagi menjelang momen mudik idul fitri 2011 tahun ini.

Saya sendiri belum pernah pergi ke cirebon, kalau bandung sih sudah sering karena keluarga mama saya ada di bandung. Bagi kamu yang kebetulan ada di bandung dan ingin melakukan perjalanan ke cirebon, ada banyak cara menuju ke sana. Bisa menggunakan mobil pribadi atau menggunakan jasa travel bandung cirebon.

Saya mempunyai referensi bagi kamu yang mencari travel bandung cirebon atau travel cirebon. Travel bandung cirebon ini mengantarkan penumpang untuk kelas executive dari Cirebon ke Bandung atau Bandung ke Cirebon. Kursinya yang nyaman, tidak berdesak-desakkan. Travel ini melayani rute travel bandung cirebon, travel cirebon bandung dan travel cirebon saja.


Farah Quinn VS Edwin Lau, which one do you like?

Dua chef ini sama-sama menjadi selebriti di Indonesia karena keahliannya memasak masakan yang lezat, punya prestasi yang memukau dalam hal masak-memasak dan bidang lain dan yang pasti chef ini mempunyai daya tarik fisik yang keren sehingga para pemirsa TV di rumah jadi klepek-klepek dibuatnya. Jadi selain ngiler karena masakan mereka yang lezat, nggak memungkiri karena para penonton kagum melihat tubuh indah yang dimiliki kedua chef tersebut 😀 Ya maklum saja, karena penampilan kedua chef ini berbeda dari pembawa acara masak di TV kebanyakan yang (maaf) tubuhnya tidak sebagus chef Farah Quinn dan Edwin Lau.

Oke, sekarang perbandingan antara kedua chef itu menurut saya sebagai pemirsa TV.


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