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Experience Visual Studio 11 Beta

Cuma repost dari email yang saya terima hari ini, Rabu 4 April 2012. Mudah-mudahan informasi ini berguna buatmu bagi yang ingin mencoba Microsoft Visual Studio 11.

Don’t miss out: Experience Visual Studio 11 Beta today!

Download Visual Studio 11 Beta today!

Get Visual Studio 11 Beta today and start preparing for the next generation of development. You can’t predict the future, but you can get there first:

  • Visual Studio 11 Beta runs alongside Visual Studio 2010. You can even Go Live with Visual Studio 11 Beta and .NET Framework 4.5 Beta!
  • New HTML and CSS editors extend Visual Studio’s rich editing capabilities to make HTML 5 and CSS 3 development more productive, as well as enrich traditional HTML development.
  • Visual Studio 11 gives you the tools required to build and deploy Windows Azure applications, including project templates, a seamless debugging experience, and easy publishing.
  • New designers make building Windows 8 Metro and traditional Windows desktop applications easier and faster than ever.

Visual Studio 2010 Professional has never been more affordable

Visual Studio 2010 Professional is the essential tool for individuals and simplifies the creation, debugging, and deployment of applications on a variety of platforms including SharePoint and the Cloud.

And if you buy with MSDN, you get more than 12,000 downloads of Microsoft servers, tools, and applications today and the next version of Visual Studio when it is released.