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Iseng-iseng buka website, di situ aku melihat banyak desain nggak original yang dipajang di sana. Tetapi banyak juga sih desain original yang bagus-bagus di sana.

Sebenarnya itu sih emang kebiasaan banyak orang Indonesia, suka mengambil logo perusahaan mana, brand tertentu, dsb untuk dikomersilkan sendiri. Dan si pemilik logo, band, musisi, artis luar negri juga nggak mengambil tindakan tegas, ya karena itu udah diluar ranah hukum mereka, diluar USA atau Europe. Jadi masih bisa aku bilang, masih aman lah mau memakai artwork itu dan dibuat merchandise tidak berlisensi.


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Esther Cream for Smoother and Fairer Skin

Esther Cream for Smoother and Fairer Skin – Numerous women want to have smooth and fair white facial skin. They do many things to achieve it. They don’t mind that their efforts take times and large amount of money.

If you are one of these women, you can try Esther Cream. Many women have tried this cream and they are satisfied with the result. Before, they apply this whitening cream, they have face with acne scars or dark spots. After applying Esther Cream for less than 2 weeks, they can see a big difference on their facial skin. Their skin becomes smoother and whiter. The dark spots are also more invisible.

Esther Cream

Benefits of using Esther Cream

Esther Cream is very beneficial for women who have facial skin with acne scars and black spots. It is suitable for women between 17 and 35 years old. At this age, the acne scars and black spots is still easy to be removed. If you want to have whiter and smoother skin, you only need to apply Esther Cream for ten days. Applying this whitening will make your acne scars and black spots disappear. If your face shows early aging signs such as fine lines, you can also apply this whitening cream. This cream will erase the fine lines and other aging signs. It will make your sagging skin will be tightened. Your skin pores will also become smaller. Another benefit that you will get from this cream is that your skin will be well moisturized.

Esther Cream is made of natural ingredients. It is formulated by expert dermatologists. Therefore, it is safe for your skin. Applying this cream will not damage your skin because it is not made of dangerous chemicals. When you are reading the label of this product you will not find mercury and hydroquinone in it. In consequence, you will not need to worry that it will cause any skin irritation and rashes.

How to use Esther Cream

When you are purchasing Esther Cream, you will get a package that contains day cream, night cream, and facial soap. Before you apply the day cream in the morning, you must wash your face with the Esther facial soap. Once you dry your face, you must apply the day cream lightly on your face. You do not need to apply foundation if you already apply this whitening cream. This cream also works as sunscreen so that you do not need to apply sunscreen anymore. The night cream is applied before you go to bed. You must also wash your face first before applying it. If you do it every day, you will see the result in ten days.

When you are purchasing the whitening cream from Esther, you must look the packages closely. It is widely known that unoriginal Esther cream can be found in stores. The original day cream is packaged in opaque pot so that you cannot see the cream from the outside. It also has mild fragrance. The unoriginal ones usually is packaged in transparent pot and has very strong fragrance. Make sure you buy original Esther Cream from

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